Helen Seymour / Spoken-Poet-Word-Artist-Human-Performance-Person



All images thanks to Mark Dawson

Helen was an embryo and soon after became a baby. At four years old she went through a short lying streak. Then she became obsessed with jelly, broke her leg, and made it her #1 goal to see a mole emerge from a mole hill. Before she knew it she was five. In the interests of time, here is a short list of everything that happened between then and now (2019):

  • At the funeral of her beloved Tiggy, her brother released his first single “I’ve still got a guinea pig”

  • She was awarded a badge for swimming 100 metres.

  • She tripped over on a mat.

Which brings us to today, where Helen writes and performs her own theatre/spoken word/comedy shows and also writes other things, for example poetry.

Helen likes working with Hannah Silva because she makes good tea and laughs at her jokes (most of the time). Hannah also just happens to be an amazing director, and directed To Helen Back which was Helen’s first solo show and is now directing Helen Highwater, please click here for more info on them.

Helen also writes poems and won gold in the Creative Future Literacy awards (2017), been long-listed for the OutSpoken Poetry Prize (2018) and the Jerwood Fellowship twice (2018/19). She is working on her first collection at the moment.

Helen is also disabled and sometimes talks about that and sometimes doesn’t, it depends if she thinks she has something to say on the matter. Most of all she wants audiences to see beyond her limitations.

(If you are marketing person/promoter looking on here for a blurb for a gig I’m doing please email spokenwordhelen@gmail.com and I’ll send (a more concise) one over)